..A walk to remember..

                “ wake up!it’s time for school!”, Oh my! Those lines again! The most depressing words that I always hear early in the morning. I only got  2 hours of sleep thanks to our design.   “yes! i’m coming…” I replied, I proceed to my daily routine, I took a bath, had my breakfast, and put on my uniform. OK! Im done! I’m  ready for another day of stressful school activities!!! When I had arrived at school, as usual, I was in a bad mood because of the 2 hour sleep. If you can only see me that day, I looked very depressed and miserable as if our house was burned or something. That went through the whole time until I heard an angelic line saying, “ The professors in HOA and Building Technology will not be around!” I was shocked and awaken, It was like, I was released from a life sentence, or being cured from a severe illness. I was very happy when I heard of that, that is why we decided to have our tour on the different cathedrals.  we asked our professor in our last subject Building Utilities, if we can  postpone our meeting for the given reason. Gladly, it was granted so we proceed to the dormitory of one of our classmates to settle everything. After 2  hours, we headed to our first destination,

The San Agustine Church

San Agustine church is also known as “ Inglesia ni San Pablo” is the oldest stone built church in the Philippines located  inside the historic walled city of Intramuros. This church is a significant monument to the Spanish colonization of the Philippines.  It was built by the Spaniard Juan Macias in 1586 and was completed in 1606. Luciano Oliver later renovated it in 1854. It has an elliptical foundation that allowed it to withstand the numerous earthquakes that have destroyed many other Manila churches.
It is said that the design was derived from churches built by the Augustinians in Mexico. The facade is criticized as “lacking grace and charm” but the ornate carvings on its doors classified that  baroque architecture is observed.
As we were traveling to San Agustine church, I was very excited because I really appreciate different kinds of designs especially when it comes to baroque/ renaissance architecture. But unfortunately, It was not as we expected. The church was closed that is why we don’t have other choices that is why we only have its exterior.
the design of its exterior is simply amazing.. and it so dirty.. honestly, i dont like the color of its exterior. I appreciate it when it dont have any color.
it is called fu dog..  i was amaze of this sculpture. the first time a saw this, i think deeply if its a dragon or a lion.. then it comes to my mind that it look like a dragon, (dragon dance) when Chinese new year. :)) it so cute but scary..:D
this is the door of San Agustine church. As you can see, the door is so big and has a sculpture of saint on it. Its looks something that has a meaning of this door because of its design.
another information about san agustine church
After we had took the pictures on the exterior parts of the San Agustine church, we proceed to our next destination, the Santa Cruz Church,

The Santa Cruz Church

            The church was built in 1608 by the Jesuits as a parish church for the Chinese that was converted to christianity. The church became dominican when the Jesuits was excluded from the country.It’s original structure was severely damaged by numerous earthquakes and was completely destroyed during the World War 2, in 1945.
                During our tour in this historical place, I felt really bad on how the guard in that place threat us. He won’t allow us to took pictures in the church because he thought that it was disrepectful. That is the reason why we only took pictures secretly, we didn’t had enough pictures or the more detailed ones because of that incident.
i dont know what is it called but its like a frame of rose window..:D
this is the interior of sta.cruz church. It looks modern design but has a chinese influence design.
I took a picture of the altar secretly. I noticed that it dont have a any image of jesus or mary. dont even have a crucifix . the altar has a different design than other catholic church.
Bisazza tiles were used in the wall of the altar. the interior of the church is quite and peaceful. But when i came near on the altar. it look something creepy or weird, maybe because of the strange aura or atmosphere that is hidden beneath it..
the columns of the church with a golden lining.. a natural light ventilation.
    ….. After that devastating experience, we proceeded to our next destination, the Binondo church,

The Binondo Church

               Also known as “Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz” was founded by the Dominican priests in 1596 to serve their Chinese converts to Christianity . It is one of the oldest places of Christian worship in the Philippines. The original building was destroyed by the British bombardment in 1762. It was reconstructed by a new granite church completed in 1852. Over the centuries, the original structure of the church had sustained considerable damage from different natural disasters and the World War 2. Only the Octagonal bell tower and the western façade survived.
                From the Santa Cruz Church, we boarded a jeepney to take us to our last destination, the Binondo Church.
When we went off the vehicle, my first impression was irritated or something because of the various obstruction to the rear side of the church, we can’t took a clear view of its rear. So we proceeded to its façade, it was quite old but still very interesting.
When we entered the church, I was astonished as well as very delighted of the replica of the façade of St.Peter’s Basilica on the celling of the church.
this is the second time that i visited the binondo church. the fist time i visited, i was so amazed by its design in the interior, specially the paint of jesus with angels on the ceiling.
the beautiful interior of binondo church. the interior has so many painting or very rich on paintings on the ceiling. I think binondo is the most beautiful church when it comes in interior.
the dome with paintings of trompe l’oeil of angels circulating Jesus
binondo church also has a black Nazarene
After having enough pictures, we decided to call it a day. It was a very memorable tour in thoses historical places. I learned a lot during the tour. THANKS TO MY EVER BELOVED CLASSMATES AND FRIENDS!!!!GOOOOOODDD BYE!!!!:-*

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