THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!! And we need to go to UP Diliman just to see the Quezon hall and to have some observation of the said structure. Again, we have another blog in our history subject. Our professor asked us to compare the Quezon hall designed by Architect Juan Nakpil and the Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum and Library designed by Architect Eliel Saarien. And if does Juan Nakpil deserves to be the National artist for Architecture. At first, I don’t really know how the Cranbrook Art and Science Museum looks like. And I heard that the Cranbrook designed looks like the Quezon Hall. They have the same of idea in design. Under the strong heat of sunlight, we decided to go to UP diliman to have some observation about the Quezon hall and to have some pictures of the Quezon Hall. So what is Quezon hall?


The Administration building called THE QUEZON HALL. It is located at UP diliman,Quezon City, behind the oblation statue. The Quezon Hall is designed by Architect Juan nakpil and built in 1950.

Architect Juan Nakpil is a famous architect here inPhilippines. He is also a civil engineer, teacher, civic leader, he is a pioneer and innovator in Philippine Architecture. He has integrated strength, function, and beauty in the buildings that are country’s heritage today.  He designed the Avenue theater, Quapo church, U.P Carillon, Quezon institute, Rizal house, rufino building.. etc. he was named one of the National Artist for Architecture, and tapped as the dean of Filipino architects.

 YEAH! i need to had some pictures of the Quezon Hall with myself and i decided to take a shot under the strong heat of the sun. I observed that the huge facade was inspired by neoclassical architecture.

the Quezon Hall has 8 tall columns in four columns in front and four columns in back side of the structure. It serves as the foundation of the structure.

the columns has capitals and flutes as detail.

the column has a 24 flutes.

At the back side of the Quezon Hall is a huge field of grass and its called Amphiteatre.

this is the third time that i met the Quezon hall but its the first time to take a closer look and feel the said structure. i felt like it has a freedom on it like I am free of what i want to do, maybe because of the huge view of Amphiteatre.  I enjoyed taking pictures, have jump shot and rolling around the field of green grass.


The Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum and Library designed and built by Eliel Saarien. A Contemporary Art Museum. it has a sculture in the middle and it is called Europia and the Bull by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles. it is made of bronze.

the long steps leads up to the tall straight pillars of the Cranbrook Art Museum and was so attracting. the design is simple but eye catching. the columns are plain, unlike the columns of the Quezon hall. All are plain. but one the thing that make it beautiful is the Trillon pool.

CranBrook Museum vs. Quezon hall

As what i saw, cranbrook museum and Quezon Hall has the same idea of design and only thing that make it difference is the details of their structure. I can say that Juan Nakpil copied the designed of Eliel Saarien. maybe Juan Nakpil’s concept is the Cranbrook museum, or he’s idol is Eliel Saarien. I really dont know what the story behind Juan Nakpil. Why he designed the Quezon hall looks like the Cranbrook museum. One thing that I can say is Juan Nakpil is a great national artist because of his contributions in Philippine Architecture not because of the famous Quezon hall but all the structures that he designed.


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