ART DECO in Philippines.


This is the last day of submission of this last blog. I’ve been so busy in a past few weeks because of the requirements that we have to submit.  actually i want it to finish this blog as early as i can, but the time and schedule is i found out that march 16 is the last day or due date of the two blogs which is about ART DECO style and INTERNATIONAL style. SO this blog is about the ART DECO buildings here in Manila. we planned to go to manila for this blog. and I want to explore and see in actual those structures with art deco style but because of our complicated schedule, i didnt get to explore.. So what i did is to research those structures that has a Art deco style here in Manila. And i found out that Far Eastern University (FEU) and Manila Metropolitan Theatre has an Art Deco style. but before that, let me introduce what is ART DECO style.


Art Deco style is began in Paris in the 1920’s. it is an eclectic artistic which means the variety of style or mixed style of art. the style flourished internationally in 1930’s. Art deco has a style of dramatic, sleek and geometric because of their cubic forms and zigzag designs. The style influenced all areas of design like architecture, interior design, industrial, fashion, jewerly etc. According to Wikipedia: “The term “art deco” was first used widely in 1926, after an exhibition in Paris, ‘Les Années 25’ sub-titled Art Deco, celebrating the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts) that was the culmination of style moderne in Paris”.

Far Eastern University

Far Eastern University is one of the preserved art deco buildings in the country. These include the Nicanor Reyes Hall, FEU East Asia College of Engineering and Computer Studies, Law and Nursing Building, Auditorium/Administration Building and the Science Building.


FEU buildings is designed by National Artist Pablo Antonio. The other campus structures is designed by Felife Mendoza. FEU were constructed between 1930-1950.




Far Eastern University along Morayta street in Manila, This is the Architecture and Fine arts building. As you can see, in every corner you look, there are straight lines, squares, triangles, curves, all form of geometric pattern has in this building.  It looks like a modern style building. 


This is the FEU administration building. columns has a design of a large cube of pillars. contrasting dark blue and ivory tint color and it gives a feeling of coolness inside. It looks like a museum of art because of the paintings and the style of its interior.


The art deco stairs at the side of Administration building.


This is the font style of FEU. And its so beautiful and unique than the other schools font style. According of what I researched this font style is based on an ancient Filipino script known as baybayin. Far Eastern University is maintaining and preserving of its grandeur as a prime Art deco. FEU’s campus is noted for a number of historical buildings preserved from the first half of the 20th century. And because of that, the UNESCO has recognized the Far Eastern University as an honorable mention in the 2005 Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.




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